NOTE: For performance reasons, some effects are disabled in the Web version

Chesstris 2000 is part block pushing game and part love letter to the forgotten tetris spinoffs of the 90s and 2000s. Throughout the game, players must navigate a chess piece attached to a tetris block to an exit square on the board. Eventually, players learn to master not only different chess pieces -- pawns, rooks, knights-- but also different tetromino shapes, line clears, and more!

A major focus of developing Chesstris 2000 involved not only making its puzzles fun, but also making its ~~vibes~~  coherent. An homage to titles like Tetris for Philips CD-i, TetrisphereMyst, educational software, the game features three different whimsical, soothing environments and a vaporwave soundtrack by Stevia Sphere 

RMB - Orbit Scene

R - Restart Level

2 - snap to top down view

z - undo

esc - menu

Concept, Design, Programming, Modeling: Jonny Hopkins

Music: Elevator Relaxation Tapes 1-4 @SteviaSphere

Sounds: All Sounds,, Kenney Assets

Table Model: @W1050263 
Knight Model: @CJX3711
Rocks Models: @ALKUZED
Outline Effect: Chris Nolet
Skyboxes: @Namtaar, Greg Zaal, Avionx

Special Thanks: Patricia, @scifig0th, @dbybr, @bignastytruck, @erica_aelia_x1, @spookybotgg, @jrcwest, @trashbryn, @mutmedia, @brin_design, @gurn_group, @wstoerger, tillman, Thinky Puzzle Games Discord, Wonderville Discord

I had a lot of fun developing Chesstris 2000, and hope to revisit it with updates someday!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for more projects!

V1.0.1: UI Piece Selection is friendlier now! Also some bugs about keyboard shortcuts are fixed.

V1.0.2: Further improvements with piece selection. Also, some features (motion blur, AA, shadows) were disabled on the Web version for added performance.

V1.0.3: Finally, (knock on wood) all bugs with piece selection are gone. Framerate is better (targeting 60 fps), big changes in performance on web build w/ batching / reduced draw calls. Also, the last level is harder >:)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date Aug 02, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2000, Chess, Lo-fi, Mouse only, Singleplayer, Tetris, vaporwave
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Tetris 2000 got reviewed by the arcane cache, a very underground blog for very underground games.

Tetris 2000 is a great little game with a fun and creative concept that was neatly realized and varnished with a cool and detail obsessed design, and both great for playing a level once in a while or for a good 3,5 hour binge.

Well done!


great game but it would do better with some optimizations. my cpu is burning on lowest settings


Glad you enjoy it!! Did you play in your browser or did you download it?


Very cool. Maybe some visual indications would help to understand... like showing the valid squares when you click (or drag) on a piece to move.


if you go to the settings menu, that is something you can turn on!


oh that's cool, thanks. I would suggest to have it "on" by default.