Bleebo needs your help!!

Bleebo needs to reach the end of the maze before their battery runs out. To make matters worse, your keyboard connection isn't working -- the controls keep getting randomized! Can you save Bleebo?

All letter keys A-Z needed to play.

I developed this over a week for the FirePit.Zone's Game-A-Week 2022! Be sure to check out the other games from the jam! 

-Metal Battery Texture: Vecteezy

-Crying sound: this terrifying tiktok

-Rest of the sounds: BBC sound archive

Special thanks to Patricia, @Scifig0th, Tian, and the Firepit discord for feedback!

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Made withUnity
Tags3D, bleebo, crunchy, Cute, Difficult, Fast-Paced, frustrating, Funny, gameaweek2022, stan-bleebo

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i frantically swipe a singular index finger like so: qweruiop[asdfghjkl;Zxcvbnm,.
upon performing this action i become partially enlightened.
i figure out which button does which.
i run out of time. but i'd like to imagine that i'm happy. i try again
--albert camus 2022

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did you ever play Gubble


haven't actually played it (im a fake gubble fan) but totally used it for graphics inspo! 


you captured it for sure, beautiful


love it!


Bleebo is so cute!!!


Losses: embarrassing
bleebo: sad :,(

very cool game tho, wait i tried one more time and got a straight line level AND lucked out on my keyboard stroke! bleebo is happy, yay!


this is sad :(


oh, bleebo..... every time i lose your little game and i make you cry, it is like a dagger to the heart..... i must do better by you, bleebo..... i'll keep practicing.....