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TEXTRIS is the ultimate long distance, collaborative version of the popular arcade game. Play in a discord server with players around the world, working together to make sure the pieces never reach the top of the board. 

The game was initially created for an “asynchronous” game assignment. With a game always on, but very slow, players would have to check back on the game at their own convenience throughout the day. 


Dev Team:  Jonny Hopkins,   Michael Virga, Stephen Ednave,  Jack Mercuri, Amy Tye

Special Thanks:

  • Sam Lee for the original draft of the tetris code (check out snaketris!)
  • Patrick Lemieux / Douglas Wilson for design iteration feedback/playtesting!

Thanks to the Tetris 99 discord server for hosting the bot for playtests!
This project is in early stages of release, so expect a few bugs.

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