A downloadable emulator script for Windows

Ever just wish there was more tetris? Look no further, with Tetris, but all at once. Every time you clear a line of tetris, a new one spawns. Through being able to control many instances of tetris at once, discover and feel the textures of each game.

*Note: This public edition of the game does not come with included ROMs of Tetris games. You will need to obtain your own in order to play this. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this.

Tetris Game ROMs that this supports:

  • Tetris (1989) -Game Boy
  • Tetris (1989) -NES
  • Super Tetris 3 (1994) -SNES
  • Tetris 64 (1998) - Nintendo 64
  • The New Tetris (1999) - Nintendo 64
  • Magical Tetris Challenge (1999) - Nintendo 64
  • Tetris Worlds (2001) - Game Boy Advance
  • Tetris DS (2006) - Nintendo DS

Major credit goes to Alistair Aitcheson's Magic Box, please check it out for cool emulator tricks!!


- z / x: rotate

- arrows: move piece

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TBAAOUpdated1-17PublicVersion.zip 102 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the TBAAO zip file provided on this page.

2. Download Tetris ROMs (see supported Tetris game list in game description)

3. Place Tetris ROMs in CurrentROMs folder

4. Close all other open windows or applications for TBAAO to run correctly

4. Run Tetris,ButAllAtOnce.bat or Tetris,ButAllAtOnceQuiet.bat in the main folder

5. Have fun! 


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wooooah its public!