Dancing For Cats - Complete Credits

Here is the complete list of attributions for Dancing For Cats: 

The following images required attribution through the Creative Commons License and were obtained through Wiki Commons:

Black and White Cat Sitting Down - KKPCW

A cat from Pyatigorsk - Андрей Романенк

Cat 1 -Anoopan

Cat Paw Up Close -WHITE -Revital Salomon

Rocker Light Switch - DemonDays64

Sitting Cat Taipei- Jimmi Shen

Two Cats Sitting With Beautiful Posture - KKPCW

VHS Video Casette - Bottom - LoMit

A Tabby Cat.. - Famartin

Discoball3.gif- Sami Väätänen

Medion_VCR_MD8910-4397 - Raimond Spekking

Sony_Trinitron_KV-27FS100- Roboat06

Supine Cat... - Basile Morin

A Calico Cat... - Famartin

Awwww, belly rub!! - Takashi Hososhima

Cat Dancing In The Snow - Tscherno - Matthais Zirngibl

Cat's belly in sunlight - Perryprog


Agatha_hernandez-Aportador Angel Hernandez

Black_European_Shorthair_01- Huhu Uet

Stretching street cat (41753892522).jpg- pelican

2014SpringKyoto_(14232236753) - Sun Taro

A Cat About To Wake Up - Takashi Hososhima

ABY_Chivas_Regal_of_Marikacats_(14049845616) - Nickolas Titkov

Alongamento_do_Gato_Preto_e_Branco - Favoritus

Am_I_Boring_You - Seth Anderson

Babyleedenamibie - Namibie

Cat_071201_002A_(2093767721) - Dwight Sipler

Cat kedi pisik svln4821 04.jpg - Svln4821

Cat Playing With A Lizard - Basile Morin

Cat-Excavations_in_Kosiorow- Lukasz Miechowicz

Crank_(18364594419) - Koziro Hasegawa

Funny_cats_-Bengal_Cat_is_resting_because_of_tired - Anastasiia Kalianova

Playing cat – 11241545- Vladimir Pustovit

This was a timely capture (3926001309) - Peretz Partensky

Two_cats_jump_to_playfight - Adrian Jack Bunsby

Chat_jouant_avec_une_souris - Orikrin1998

My remixed versions of these pictures can be downloaded here, with each image holding the respective license of the image it was adapted from.


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